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Arts & Entertainment

New York Times
American perspectives on  international art and culture. Best link for arts in America   

BBC - Art & Culture
Excellent perspective on all things art & culture.  UK based.

The Telegraph - Culture
UK based newspaper. The online version. All culture including art, CD releases, film, music festivals, books, dance, comedy and

PBS Arts
Public broadcasting, (America), site featuring fine art, film, literature and performing art info

The New Yorker
Online version of the famous New Yorker magazine art and culture segment

Art and Culture
Search engine site for all things art and culture

So what's new on the art scene in Paris? See the latest on this site from the heart of the French world.

The Smithsonian Institution is home to 19 museums and 9 research centers.

Home to one of the great museums of the world.

Musee d'Orsay
A museum dedicated to all of the finest impressionist paintings in the world. Plus so much more.

Paris Opera
The Paris Opera house, known as Palais Garnier. One of the great opera houses of the world and an architectural treasure.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
One of the largest and finest museums in the world.  New York City.

The Metropolitan Opera

New York City's fabulous opera house. Also offering The Met Opera performances in HD at cinemas around the country and world.

La Scala

The center of the world of opera in Italy and the world. Founded in 1776