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Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic self help site for simple understanding and self diagnosis.  

Dr. Roizen Real Age
Dr. Roizen helps you determine your REAL age.  Live younger. Live better.

National Institutes of Health
US department of health and human services. The primary federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research.

Bringing doctors knowledge to you. Part of the WebMD medical network.

Dental Emergency
USA & Canada. A listing of dental professionals offering emergency services.

Info on health issues with Harvard Medical School as the partner.

Health Central
Health related editorials and portal for all things health related.  

Exercise and the Weakening of Bones

An article contributed to Zeani by Michelle Aultman

Doctor Debnatural
Natural health site. Articles and editorials on natural living.

Net Doctor UK  
General UK health site. Includes timely issues, discussions and related articles.

Patient UK
Same health info as provided by GP's during consultations.

A medical website that aims to entertain and inform children and adults about major modern health issues.

Online medical dictionary

Health Canada
Canadian Government Federal Health site.

Mental Health UK
A mental health site for the English speaking world.

Spiritual, mental, physical and natural health site. Editorials and events.   

Web MD
Traditional health center site all topics A to Z 

CDC - Women
US government center for disease control issues for women