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Zeani Recommended Sites

Style & Living

BBC World
Online magazine with international articles on living styles and trends

International Herald Tribune
International perspective on society, culture, art and celebrity for the English speaking world. Includes video, audio and slide show presentation as well as editorial.

The online version of Success Magazine.  Good reads on all aspects of success in personal, business and family life.

The London Times
Style and living articles for the English speaking world.

The Telegraph - Lifestyle
The latest in lifestyle from the online version of the Telegraph newspaper in the UK.

The Independent
Style and living as well as special interest and human stories for the English speaking world.

The Mirror
UK based newspaper online. Unusual stories, tips, gossip and  diet and plastic surgery stories.

The New York Times - Style
American perspective of style and living for the English speaking world.

Martha Stewart

Still the most interesting site on the web for living, cooking, creating, gardening, decorating and plain good living. 

Le Figaro
French language perspective on stylish living.

La Repubblica
Italian language perspective on style and living. Features video and slide show presentations.